Ways to Make Memorable Memories With Loved Ones Over the Holidays

Ways to Make Memorable Memories With Loved Ones Over the Holidays

Article posted in General on 29 December 2017| comments
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Which gift is on everyone’s list, never goes out of style, and gives equally to both giver and receiver? If you guessed the gift of giving, then you are 100 percent correct. The gift of giving is one of the most sought-after presents year after year.

This season, more than any other, makes you realize how much need there is in your community and the world. When you are in a position when you can give generously to others, there’s really no other feeling like it. Instead of experiencing this feeling on your own, though, why not share it with others?

Get your family and friends involved during this time of giving to help them receive more than just presents and good company, but the knowledge that they made someone’s holiday a little bit brighter. Make this season one to remember by giving back together.

Spend Some Time

One of the best gifts you can give no matter the season is your time. Senior citizens residing in nursing homes can especially use this gift during the holidays. At a time when families and friends are supposed to get together, it can feel lonely for an elder when no one comes to visit them.

Take the time with the people in your life to bake some treats and spend a few hours or a day listening to the many stories seniors have to tell. Just make sure you lay off the raw cookie dough and cake batter so that foodborne illnesses don’t make a holiday appearance as well! Volunteering at a homeless shelter is also a very worthwhile experience.

Preparing and serving meals to our homeless population will renew your perspective on life while helping those most in need. Military members and sick children can benefit from your time as well by making and sending them personalized Christmas cards. This will brighten their day as well as show that you care for them.

If animals are close to you and your loved ones’ hearts, consider volunteering at an animal shelter. Spending time with the animals will not only help them prepare for their future families through socialization, but will cheer your spirits as well. 

Share Your Money

Instead of doing presents this year, why not donate instead? Have friends and family create lists of charities they would like to be donated to so that even more people can experience a happy holiday season. You can even brighten someone’s day by giving the gift of money to the different people you meet throughout the day.

When you’re out eating with friends and family, you can make someone’s holiday a little merrier by leaving your servers a higher than average tip or by paying the bill of the person behind you when purchasing food through a drive-thru. Another way to use money for a charitable cause this season is by sponsoring a family. By pooling the resources of your friends and family together, you can make the holidays a very special time for a family in need.

You can even create a fundraising goal with your loved ones and decide on a charity to give to together. See if your local businesses, hospitals, and schools would like to participate as well. Add a little fun holiday competition and see who can raise the most money — and have a prize for the person that does!  

Donate Your Belongings

As we age, we can accumulate things we no longer use or need. Instead of throwing your items in storage or in the garbage, why not donate them instead? Collect gently used clothes and items from your friends and family and donate them to charitable stores like Goodwill and other local alternatives together.

Knowing that your belongings will be going to a family in need instead of in your already stuffed closet does the heart good. Holiday decorations are also appreciated this time of year by families and couples who are just starting out. Consider giving some of your own so others can join the festivities as well.

You can even share your pets this season by visiting nursing homes and hospitals with your favorite furry friend. Animals bring a kind of joy to people that is hard to copy by other means. Also consider the donation of yourself. By donating your hair to make natural-looking wigs for cancer patients and donating your blood to your nearest Red Cross chapter, your gift of giving will be appreciated far after the holidays are over.

Make this year one to remember by giving back with your family and friends. The holidays are a time to put your own wants and troubles aside and focus on others instead. Be it with your time, money, or belongings, there are many ways to be generous this season with your loved ones.

 Avery T. Phillips is a freelance human being with too much to say. She loves nature and examining human interactions with the world. Comment or tweet her @a_taylorian with any questions or suggestions.


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